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About Us

We believe in
face to face / live brief

These days, we often come across designers and digital marketers with customers who set out with the dream that they will get what they want on social media. Unfortunately, they convince their colleagues as much as they do themselves.

You need a minimum of 5 clients to set up a digital marketing agency. In order to give your brands the “service they deserve”, you need to form a team of 9-10 people. Can you create the variety and synergy that of the team with only you and 2 other people

This is why we wanted to establish a social media agency as a brand that has been in the industry for a very long time.

Creating the ideal environment for the creative process that begins after meeting with our customer face-to-face and receiving the live brief, exceeding his expectations…

We are a digital marketing agency based in Istanbul. We know that it is not enough to produce products or services. We also need to produce content that adds joy, excitement, pleasure, fun and beauty to people’s lives. Creativity is discovering a question that has never been asked before. Fortunately, we are constantly working with those who ask us this question.

Connected across the entire brand experience.
01. Creatively Led
02. Strategically Driven
03. Systems Thinkers
04. Humanity Obsessed


Content you've always wanted to share, but never had. content that your target audience shares from the DM or on his pages...
We have a team that uses the industry's best practices with their attention to detail, passion and rigor for high-performance campaigns.
We prefer brand ambassadors instead of influencers. They like what you're already doing. They have a considerable number of followers who will benefit you.
We know that you have 70% creativity in successful businesses. Whether it's "paid" or organic. The most important part of a social media business is creativity.
"If I had 5 minutes to cut down a tree, I would spend 3 minutes sharpening my ax," said Abraham Lincoln-it is these three minutes that the strategy comes into play for us.
We work to make every content strong and effective. We create stories to spread through videos, images and texts built on strategic insights and analysis. We enrich valuable contents to rise the brand’s perception and visibility.

Meet the team

Vahap Ergüt
Ali Atay
Social Media Director
Betül Keten
Brand Manager
Yüsra Ekici
UX/UI Designer
Susan Sontag
Frontend Developer
Mark Pıth